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how much solar power do i need to run a refrigerator

How much solar power do I need to run a refrigerator: A complete guide to running a refrigerator on solar power

On average, full-size refrigerators (16 – 22 Cu. ft.) consume between 1500Wh and 2000Wh (Watt-hours) of energy per day. To run a full-size refrigerator on solar,  you would need 300 to 400 watts of solar power. The exact amount of solar power you need mainly depends on the…

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Solar charge controller

Solar charge controllers: a complete guide

A solar charge controller also called a regulator, is an electronic device used in solar energy systems to protect the battery. Solar charge controllers are mainly used to keep batteries from overcharging and over-discharging. However, newer MPPT charge controllers can also decrease power production losses. In this article,…

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